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Have you guys read or heard of LitRPG


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I finished Ready Player One and loved it so much I was looking for books like it and I happened across this genre that seems tailor made for gamers. It's basically books about normal people living in RPG games. 


The one I'm reading now is like a 9 book long series and the first one is about a guy who plays an MMO everyday and one day gets teleported into a real-life version of it. Like he has a UI he can control with his mind and stats and all the clothing, equipment and food/drink has unique stats on it. The people he meets give him quests that are tracked in his UI. 


It's hard to describe exactly why but I'm having a total blast reading (or rather listening to the audiobook) it. 



The series I'm on is called Chaos Seeds btw. 

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Love Litrpg.


Haven't dove into Chaos Seeds yet though I own a couple of them and I know the audio features nick Podehl, and he is great.


Check out Harmon Cooper's work. He's great. The Feedback Loop series is great, features a major badass named Quantum Hughes. The first book starts with him being trapped in a noir murder world, think John Wick on acid. His Fantasy online series is also great, featuring the best clan ever, The Mitherfickers, with Hiccup the goblin being one of the funniest characters ever. Both series are recorded by Jeff Hays and his soundbooth theater crew and they are incredible!


Want something a bit different, check out Shemer Kuznits Life Reset series, where the twist is that the lead character is actually the bad guy. This series is also recorded by Jeff hays. 

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