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Database records of Microsoft Azure users deleted due to DNS outage

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"The company quickly restored the tables from a five-minute snapshot backup, but that meant any transactions that customers had processed within five minutes of the table drop would have to be dealt with manually. In this case, customers would have to raise a support ticket and ask for the database copy to be renamed to the original."



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3 minutes ago, sblfilms said:

MS did a windows 10 update that for no apparent reason decreased MS access database

lines from a max of 60 characters down to 32, which screwed up our point of sale databases. 


And they had had the whole XBL outages due to some service update.


Bad month.

I've had to deal with this issue before  and it sucked going through the database to find every single entry that had more than 32 characters. 

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32 minutes ago, sblfilms said:

And they had had the whole XBL outages due to some service update.

It wasn't just XBL.


If you booted the console and it was connected to the internet at the time of the borked update, you couldn't even boot into the console dashboard itself.  This is because of the close integration of the dashboard with an internet connection.  The console saw an internet connection and was "calling home" to servers that had the borked update with the result that the dashboard itself was screwed.  When people unplugged from the internet, their Xboxes booted fine to the dashboard because the console wasn't able to "call home" to the network and access whatever it was that was broken.


This is essentially a remnant of the XB1's original "always online" architecture.

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