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Valve to introduce (possibly free) dedicated servers to developers

Commissar SFLUFAN

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Valve is developing a new multiplayer API for developers which you can read about here, but the most interesting part is that Valve will start providing dedicated servers for developers (which they've never done) and that if developers sell their games on the Steam Store, then the cost of those servers will be included as part of Valve's 30% cut of revenue.  This means that developers would no longer have to find external server providers which always involves additional cost: 


Some more info about these dedicated servers:


• Relay servers provided by Valve, free of charge for any game released on Steam (opt-in, price is essentially included in the 30% tax). Developers can either proxy to their own game servers or use Valve-provided dedicated ones (only for Valve-approved developers at the moment). 
 • Servers are "hidden" from the outside world, players can no longer know their IPs and connect directly
 • Free of charge DDoS protection included as well
 • All connections are routed through Valve's backbone, which provides lower pings and higher speeds and throughput
 • Platform-independent account identity support (Xbox Live, Steam, PSN, etc.)
 • Beta only at the moment. Developers should not use this in the production environment until all the functionality is shipped

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