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Gametester leaks Batman Arkham Crisis for 2019 (Rumor)


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-2 Years in development and will launch in 2019.


-Court Of Owls is the main antagonist.


-Will Be Revealed in March and will launch on October on Halloween midnight. Could Be delayed to November.


-Aims to be GOTY 2019


-A 12-act story with each act being 1 hour long.


-A much more complex story.


-Gotham City features a day/night cycle and is 1.7x bigger than GTA V.


-Batwing will replace the Batmobile. It can be used in combat or as a mode of transportation.


-Features co-op multiplayer but not integrated into the main story. Co-op will be playable for some side missions.

Side quests have been dramatically changed and won’t be 15 minutes long.


-Each side quest features 3-hours of story.


-No more Riddler trophies. They have been replaced with 31 complex challenges.


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I also enjoyed Origins. It wasn't bad at all, it was just very similar to City. If I could've actually fucking played Knight I might've gotten sick of the series, but now I'm hungry for a new game. Let's see if they shit the bed again with the PC port -- not that the console versions ended up much better in the end.

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Well just take my money now.  Arkham Origins was enjoyable - just glitch as fuck.  And not a negative in and of itself, but I swear some of the combat timing in Origins was slightly different than the previous games, so it took some time to adjust especially after I sunk a lot of hours into Asylum and City and replayed them several times close to Origins' release.


I like the idea of the Batwing mechanics.  I would be elated if you could call it to hover above you and you can use it as a platform (almost) anytime you wanted.  

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Yeah I was thinking the same thing. I don't want to run around a Gotham that's twice as large as GTAV. City was big enough for me.


Although I have to say that if halfway through the game, skinless, hanging bodies begin appearing all over Gotham, that's a twist that would have me hooked.


That's a Batman vs Predator reference by the way.

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18 hours ago, skillzdadirecta said:

Rocksteady is working on another DC game.



I'm cool with this... I'm one of the few people who enjoyed Origins.

Loved Origins too... like the indoor settings...the Joker and Bane treatments were real good too...

Biggest negative beyond the glitches was the lack of Azrael costume on Xbox version..

MP was promising too....damn shame not many played it.

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On 1/31/2019 at 8:58 PM, skillzdadirecta said:

I'm cool with this... I'm one of the few people who enjoyed Origins.


I liked Origins, my main problem was that it kind of just abruptly ended, especially since that happened right as it felt like it was really ramping up. I wasn't expecting such a short game.


The shock gloves did kind of turn the combat onto easy mode, though.

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