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Netflix has kindly asked its viewers to stop

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I was just about to post this as: Netflix: Check out this trailer for our Ted Bundy biopic, starring Zac Efron. Also Netflix: Stop calling Ted Bundy hot.



Ted Bundy was always the charming serial killer guy, so this is really no surprise. Also, the thumbnail on their trailer isn't helping.


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3 hours ago, Spork3245 said:

This controversy is so dumb. Bundy was known to be good looking and charming, that’s literally how he lured his victims.

Yeah this is just a publicity stunt... his whole thing was he was a handsome guy who disarmed women with his looks in order to lure them. I just worked on an episode of 2020 that told his whole story. Not sure why there's so much interest in him all of a sudden.

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