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Crackdown 3 up for pre-load on Xbox and Windows store


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2 hours ago, Spawn_of_Apathy said:

It might make for a decent distraction for a week before Anthem comes out. 

Damn Crackdown can't catch a break. I forgot Anthem was releasing so close. The games aren't identical but they are similar on some level. At this point I think Microsoft is just using the game to make Game Pass look better. 

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50 minutes ago, nublood said:

Just messin with ya. But from the videos I've seen, it looks likes some weird HD remaster from the year 2000.

It's all good.  Like I posted I'm not anticipating it being a good game. But since I have game pass I sure as heck will be downloading it - and hopefully it turns out to be fun.  


It does not need great graphics if they nail the game play... but even there I have great doubts.

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