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UK government preparing for contingency of declaring martial law in the case of no-deal Brexit.

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Whitehall officials have been gaming a state of emergency and even the introduction of martial law in the event of disorder after a no-deal Brexit, it has emerged.

Mandarins are considering how to use the sweeping powers available under the Civil Contingencies Act 2004 to stop any civil disobedience resulting from the nation leaving the EU on March 29.



Curfews, bans on travel, confiscation of property and, most drastic, the deployment of the armed forces to quell rioting are among the measures available to ministers under the legislation.

They can also amend any act of parliament, except the Human Rights Act, for a maximum of 21 days.



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32 minutes ago, Jason said:

Is this something they're seriously considering doing, or is this just like how the Pentagon has plans for all sorts of random shit? 

It sounds like it's just one of many scenarios they're planning for. My unsubstantiated guess is that it's plausible, but not particularly likely. 


This link agrees with @SFLUFAN's guardian article in estimating that ~29% of the food the UK consumes comes from the EU. I think the It wouldn't shock me to see a lot of perishables just go bad in the chaos, but it also seems like the UK isn't suddenly going to start starving and needing the military to ration food.

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I think Brexit is a stupid, self inflicted, wound. That said, its the job of the government to come up with contingency plans. I'd be more shocked if they hadn't considered such a possibility, but less shocked than before an entire nation shot itself in the face because of misguided nationalism. Next up, :flag:

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9 minutes ago, Greatoneshere said:

Hey UK, guess what, you can make this problem go away in an instant.


What's that, you want to shoot yourself in the face? Okay.




Don't be dumb, they don't have guns in the UK. Here's a more UK-accurate depiction of what's happening here:



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19 minutes ago, SFLUFAN said:

Brexit crisis command centre starts hiring civilians

The government has started to recruit civilians to work in an emergency command and control centre being set up to make sure Britain runs smoothly in the aftermath of a potential no-deal Brexit.



How long before news that they hired nothing but illegal Poles?

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