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Every Royal Rumble winner ranked from worst to best

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13 hours ago, 5timechamp said:

Kane deserved to win 2001 is all i strongly remember, they could have setup the WM Austin vs Rock match elsewhere...also random cool moments with Shelton Benjamin


2001 was really the best RR, with 92’s in 2nd place. I’d agree that Kane was at/near his peak in popularity at this RR, but the returning Stone Cold made him the right pick to win, IMO.

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2000's was pretty awesome. Even putting aside the street fight between Cactus Jack and HHH and focusing on the RR match itself, the 2000 Royal Rumble was so well paced and exciting.

  • The crowd's reaction to Bob Backlund was awesome.
  • The dance with Rikishi and Too Cool was hilarious.
  • Jerry Lawler's commentary was amazing:
    • Lawler: "Big Bossman is gonna win. Do you know when The Rock is coming out?" JR: "He's in it, is the Rock." *BUZZER* *Rock arrives. Then eliminates Bossman* Lawler: "I knew Bossman wasn't gonna win! He's a jabroni just like the rest!"
  • And on that note, Lawler had about a half a dozen different favorites to win throughout the match.
  • And his reaction to Kaientai getting eliminated and wanting it replayed throughout the match.
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