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Facebook merging Messenger, Instagram, and Whatsapp message infrastructure

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This could be good, or bad. I love instagram for my photography business (riley.lewis.photo, like, comment, subscribe), but I don't want it tied to other crap. Messenger is actually decent, but I wish it wasn't tied to anything else. And will this mean you need a facebook account?


This is going to hit Whatsapp the hardest, I think (if it hurts functionality), as Whatsapp is the world's most-popular messenger program (basically standard in Europe and South America).



The messaging merger is a backtrack on Mr Zuckerberg's original stance that both Instagram and WhatsApp would operate autonomously from the social network. 


Also, all will be end-to-end encrypted. I wonder if that is in response to the revelation that Mueller got info from Roger Stone's Whatsapp conversations?

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I've completely stopped using my Facebook these days, so not happy with this. I'm tired of Facebook being the default "don't want to use an email, then use us instead" application. I was looking at someone's picture the other day, and it immediately forced a sign in to Facebook (where I haven't signed on for a month now). Was not happy about that.

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