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Ronda Rousey may leave WWE after Wrestlemania

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According to Meltzer, the working idea is that Rousey will be finishing up at WrestleMania 35 in April. He added on Wrestling Observer Radio that her departure is imminent and everyone in the company is working with the mindset that she's finishing up within the next couple of months.


Rousey joined WWE last year, appearing at the end of the Royal Rumble PPV. Her first major match was a tag match with Kurt Angle against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon at WrestleMania 34 last April. Even before her debut, Rousey said that she wanted to start having children soon.


"We're ready to start having kids soon and I was thinking about what I've left unfinished in my life because I want to entirely focus on having kids when that time comes," Rousey told Yahoo Sports in March of 2018. "I took a long look at my life and thought that if I don't try and take a shot with the WWE, I would regret it for the rest of my life. I want to be an example to my kids about pursuing your dreams and being able to do anything. I guess this is my way of nesting and getting ready for children. I'm trying to prove to my unborn babies that they can accomplish any dream that they want to go after."



More context from the Wrestling Observer:



Rousey has always talked about WWE as a temporary thing, and her long-term thing was to start a family with husband Travis Browne and live on her farm. This has been known for some time and Rousey very much wants to start a family soon.


It was always pretty much known it would be after this year’s WrestleMania because she made close to a full-time commitment for one year to WWE, even though it was announced at the time she signed a multi-year full-time contract.


Right now, there is no hard and firm last day, but the working idea, which has been the case since January 2018, is that Mania 2019 is the finishing date. The discussion right now is whether Mania is it, or maybe she does the PPV after Mania. We’ve been through enough Brock Lesnar situations to know that Vince McMahon, come the last week, will make great offers and change finishes to shock people, especially at WrestleMania.


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6 hours ago, SFLUFAN said:

She once claimed that the Sandy Hook school massacre was a "false flag" operation or that the claims had some merit to be considered.


I don't think she went that far. She posted a video and said "Makes you think" or something like that and said we should see multiple viewpoints or something. What you're posting is a lot more malicious.

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