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The NFL Mock Gambling Thread - PRO-BOWL BYE WEEK! - BasemntDweller2 snags the lead!


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Forcing hands with a big bet, BasemntDweller2 retakes the lead going into the final week of the MGT competition!  But he can't rest easy; the top of the leaderboard is right on his tail with less than $100k seperating each of the top 3 contenders!  With only the Super Bowl left to battle over, who will be left standing atop the hill when the dust settles?!




Feature Game: L.A. Rams (+3.5) @ New Orleans Saints
It took overtime and a little bit of controversy, but the Rams win outright to book their first Super Bowl trip in 18 years!



 1) What will be the first scoring play of the NFC Championship game? Rams touchdown, Rams field goal, Rams safety, Saints touchdown, Saints field goal, Saints safety, or other? ($15,000 for the correct call)
A Big Willie Lutz field goal in the first quarter kicked off the scoring in this one.  Slug and johnny were the only players to call this correctly.


2) What will be the first scoring play of the AFC Championship game? Patriots touchdown, Patriots field goal, Patriots safety, Chiefs touchdown, Chiefs field goal, Chiefs safety, or other? ($15,000 for the correct call)
A Pats TD from a 1 yard goal line run by Michel was the first score here.


3) Which conference will put up more points this weekend? ($15,000 for the correct answer)
The NFC put up 49 while the AFC went at it for 68 points.  Guesses on the AFC win. johnny and Jose were the only players to nail this one.


4) How many field goals of greater than 50 yards will be converted this weekend? ($15,000 for the correct team)
Greg Zuerlein's game winner in OT of the feature game was good from 57 yards out and was the only 50+ yarder converted on Sunday.


5) Pick the winner: New England @ Kansas City ($15,000 for the correct pick)
*yawn* Hey guys, the Patriots are in the Super Bowl.  Again.  Wake me when next season starts.  Do numbers at the end of your name make you psychic?  Only BasemntDweller2 and RedSoxFan9 called this game correctly!


@BasemntDweller2 - $448,200
@RedSoxFan9 - $359,400
@thewhyteboar - $313,550
Slug - $183,000
@Keyser_Soze - $81,000
@Alpha1Cowboy - $78,500
@johnny - $63,200

@Jose - $30,000
@Greatoneshere - $21,000
@mikechorney - $17,000
@Kal-El814 - $10,500
@Biggie - $0



The Pro-Bowl is the MGT thread's Bye week!  Rather than make y'all fake bet on an exhibition game, rest your brains for the Super Bowl and get ready for some MGT fun facts!  We'll be back next week!

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This is Year 8 of the MGT (with a break here and there).  The first Mock Gambling Thread competition was run by Slug on the IGN Football board for the 2010-11 NFL season.  It was inspired by a similar competition run by the community on a St. Louis Rams fan message board.  Slug (after making an account on the Rams board to talk shit ahead of a Rams vs Redskins game) enjoyed competing in it so much that he thought it'd be fun to run it for his pals on IGN, and now D1P!


## 2018-19 MGT Season Fun Facts ##


thewhyteboar wore the crown more than any other player, taking first place 5 times over the course of the season!


Keyser_Soze was our first player this season, getting in the first entry of Week 1.  Jose was our last player to sign on, joining in Week 7!  Rbk_3 signed on Super Bowl week!


The average success rate of MGT competitors betting on the Feature Game each week this season was 45.2%!  Don't quit your day jobs!


Week 15 was the only week to see a 100% result for all players on Feature Game Bets; every player lost betting against the Chargers!


Posed 18 times (every week, minus Thanksgiving and the Conference Round) to 13 players, there were 234 potential opportunities for the Bonus for picking all 3 games on Question #5 correctly to be handed out.  It was only awarded 22 times!


Gambling with his heart: Both times the Redskins were in the Feature Game Slug was the only player to bet on them and, consequently, the only player to lose in those weeks!


The weekly rushing leader was guessed correctly 15 times while the weekly receiving leader was guessed correctly 9 times.  The bonus for calling both was never awarded!


Biggie kept his grip on the leaderboard for the most consecutive weeks, beating back the mob 4 weeks in a row!




Alright, folks.  Enjoy your MGT Bye week rest, enjoy the Pro-Bowl, and keep your eyes peeled next week for the MGT Super Bowl post!  The finale is nigh!

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3 minutes ago, johnny said:

Went from the bottom to sixth place. I shoulda participated more lol

You should've!  As the competition goes on the bets get bigger and people start making risky wagers in a bid to catch up.  In past MGT seasons I've seen people go worst to first in the last few weeks.  I've also see people who were in the top5 all year finish near the bottom!

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