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The Thread of Sensible Chuckles


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2 minutes ago, 2user1cup said:

I don't know what that means but I enjoy a wide variety of beers during different occasions and types of meals. 


Pizza - IPA

Cornish Game Hen - Stout

Steak (medium rare of course) - a Lager


I like contrast



The higher the IBU, the higher the hoppiness. The more bitter the aftertaste. IPA. 

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14 minutes ago, 2user1cup said:

Okay. But what if you only have A beer with dinner and you don't drink to get drunk. WHAT THEN Sucks!?

I'll drink a wheat or a stout or a sour. If you want to kill your tastebuds cilantro style, drink IPA. 

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8 minutes ago, Captain Pickle said:


sorry you guys were raises as classless ketchup kidz

IPAs are the laziest beer a brewmaster can make. It's why they're everywhere and dirt cheap. The general masses just have poor taste. 


If IPAs were a movie franchise, they'd be the Tyler Perry movies. :lol:

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1 hour ago, Minnesota Fatz said:


Cilantro is genetics (master race doesn't like cilantro) and IPA just tastes like shit. 

then riddle me this, mutha fugger.  I used to hate it.  Called it dirty parsley.  Thought it tasted like soap.  But then I saw the light (thanks thai food).  U can't ungeneticize genetics!

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