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"Smart" conservative Ben Shapiro: "The truth is no pro-life person on Earth would kill baby Hitler. Baby Hitler was a baby."

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"What you presumably wanna do is take Baby Hitler out of Baby Hitler's House and move him into a better house where he would not grow up to be Hitler."


Shapiro supports social services to take child out of a house under psychic vision that he'll be a murderous right-wing dictator. Good to know there's some socialism in him.

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6 minutes ago, Jason said:

we've covered this in two other threads smfh


Probably best that you should have made a thread about it rather than assume that most people on a message board read every thread to make sure possible thread topic is covered in unrelated thread.

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1 hour ago, RedSoxFan9 said:

Killing baby hitler wouldn’t have stopped facism is Germany 


There was an episode of the Outer Limits (the reboot on CW or UPN or whatever it was at the time) where an episode involved killing baby Hitler. 


The women goes back in time and succeeds, but the nanny of the Hitler household catches her in the act of jumping into the freezing river with the baby and drowning. The nanny then steals a baby from a random homeless Jewish woman and brings it back to the Hitler household. 


The problem wasn’t Hitler himself, it was the environment and the world he encountered as he grew up. 


There was also some documentary I watched about cloning in high school, where Jane Curtin and John Lithgow play these white supremacists who make a bunch of Hitler clones, the problem is that none of them become Hitler as they intended; one becomes an incredible car salesman, another becomes an amazing sports commentator, etc.


So Shapiro is coming up short here as usual despite the low hanging fruit of his argument. 

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