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I MIGHT have your Avatar

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Empahsis on the word MIGHT.


Before everything truly went to hell, I transferred the "uploads" directory from our Dreamhost server to my PC.  Looking through it, I'm pretty sure I see Avatars.  If you think you've lost yours, provide me with a description and I'll take a look to see if it's in that directory.

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@SFLUFAN On the version I'm looking at the modified dates are from 2012 for some reason, but you can use the old member IDs to find people quickly. For the av-### (could be #### or ##### depending on member ID length) ones the ### is the old member ID. So for example av-271.jpg was @-Chris's icon (although what I've attached seems more like a thumbnail).


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Mine looks like the one I'm using now so I might not need it. Nokra had done something to the one I originally used to clean it up or something and I seem to have the original on my PC (dated to 2010) but not the fixed version. I redownloaded the image so it's possible what I have now might be higher quality but it might be nice to compare.

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@dualhunter I think the problem was just that it has a white background, so viewing your avatar on any darker-colored theme shows an obvious border:





Here's a version of your avatar with the white background removed:




 Since I was only able to get the image from your current avatar the quality may not be the best, but at least it doesn't have the border on the darker themes. If you have a larger, higher-res version of the image I'm happy to fix that instead. :D



Edit - 


Here's what the cleaned-up version looks like on the black theme:




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3 hours ago, IdeaOfEvil said:

I just got back on this site and am seeing the icon size being back to a 1:1 ratio =(


Are there any plans for them to be free'd up larger again? It looks like all the different site themes all stick to the 1:1 ratio, even


I've mentioned this several times to @Emblazon

I think his lack of an answer means that the higher ups must be pulling some strings to keep them small and youtube embeds huge.

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