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The NFL Mock Gambling Thread - CONFERENCE CHAMPSIONSHIP ROUND - thewhyteboar extends his lead!


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All but one player took losses on the Feature Game!  But betting conservatively and making good calls on the week's questions extended thewhyteboar's lead and keeps him on top for another round!  With only 2 weeks left can anyone knock him off his perch?




Feature Game: L.A. Chargers @ New England Patriots (-4.5)
The Patriots do what they do best, and that's win playoff games.  They easily cover the points and move on to their 8th AFC championship in a row.  Bets on New England win.  Only Biggie made the right call!


1) What will be the first scoring play of the Feature Game? Chargers touchdown, Chargers field goal, Chargers safety, Patriots touchdown, Patriots field goal, Patriots safety, or other? ($9,000 for the correct call)

Michel busts up the middle at the goal line to punch in the first points of the game, a Pats TD.


2) Which team in the Feature Game will have the greater total time of posession? ($8,000 for the correct number)
New England held the ball for 38:20 to L.A.'s 21:40.  Calls on NE get it.


3) Indianapolis @ Kansas City - Over or under 57 points, combined? ($8,000 for the correct answer)
With a final score of 31-13, the under is the right call on this one (44 points).


4) How many missed field goals (not PATs) do we see this weekend? ($10,000 for the correct team)
The divisional round saw 3 missed field goals with Zuerlein, Lutz and Vinatieri each missing one a piece. Slug and Jose were the only players to get this one right!


5) Pick the winners ($8,000 for each correct pick, $10,000 bonus if you call all 3 correctly)
Indianapolis @ Kansas City
Dallas @ L.A. Rams
Philadelphia @ New Orleans


Home team sweep.  Slug, Biggie, thewhyteboar, and Jose each called all 3 games correctly to earn the bonus cash!


6) Name the player who will rush for the most yards AND the player that will have the most receiving yards in the Divisional Round? ($12,000 for each player named correctly, $15,000 bonus if both names are called)

Sony Michel and Damien Williams share the rushing crown this week with 129 yards on the ground each while Michael Thomas leaves the other receivers behind putting up a big 171 in the air. Nobody named either of our co-rushing leaders, but BasemntDweller, thewhyteboar, and SFLUFAN each called Michael Thomas to take the receiving title!


@thewhyteboar - $363,550
@RedSoxFan9 - $214,400
@BasemntDweller2 - $209,100
@Biggie - $128,000
@Keyser_Soze - $116,300
@Alpha1Cowboy - $78,500
Slug - $77,000
@Jose - $47,400
@SFLUFAN - $36,000
@Greatoneshere - $21,000
@mikechorney - $17,000
@Kal-El814 - $10,500
@johnny - $9,100


Remember; it's never too late to start (OK, so maybe now it's kind of too late..)!  Everyone begins with $1,000 no matter which week you jump in!


Good luck to everyone in the Conference Round!  Feature Game and Questions follow this post!



1. You make your bet and answer the questions simply by posting on the thread each week with your pick for the featured game along with your bet, followed by your answers to the prediction questions.

2. Everyone starts with $1,000. If a user doesn't start until week 3, they still start with $1,000. Your best bet it to get in early and play every week.

3. If you somehow reach $0 you are not out of the competition. You can't bet on the feature game during weeks that you are broke, but you can answer the prediction questions and hope to earn cash to gamble the following week.

4. IMPORTANT: I will set a deadline for getting your entries for the week in (usually before kick-off of that week's first game). It is imperative that you make your post before the deadline. The entry thread will be locked at the deadline so if you don't get your entry in by then you lose out on the chance to make money that week.

5. I work full time AND coach youth football AND go to school when I can AND have a near crippling gaming addiction AND probably drink too much. Responsibilities and personality flaws allowing, I will attempt to post the results and the next week's game/questions each Tuesday, as early as possible. Keep in mind though that there may be some wackiness here and there based on my schedule and hangovers. Pay attention.

6. For the official recording of stats/yardage NFL.com will be used. Whatever their site says on Tuesday morning is what counts.  No whining.

8. Accounts created within the current calendar month are not eligible to play and any entries from such accounts will not be considered.

-= Previous Weeks =-

Week 1
Week 2
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Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Week 7
Week 8
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Week 10
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Wild Card Round
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Conference Championship Feature Game
L.A. Rams (+3.5) @ New Orleans Saints
(Remember you are betting against the spread, not just the outright winner)



1) What will be the first scoring play of the NFC Championship game? Rams touchdown, Rams field goal, Rams safety, Saints touchdown, Saints field goal, Saints safety, or other? ($15,000 for the correct call)


2) What will be the first scoring play of the AFC Championship game? Patriots touchdown, Patriots field goal, Patriots safety, Chiefs touchdown, Chiefs field goal, Chiefs safety, or other? ($15,000 for the correct call)


3) Which conference will put up more points this weekend? ($15,000 for the correct answer)


4) How many field goals of greater than 50 yards will be converted this weekend? ($15,000 for the correct team)


5) Pick the winner: New England @ Kansas City ($15,000 for the correct pick)


Good luck!


### Example Answer Post and MY ENTRY ###
Feature Game: Rams - $76,000

1. Saints FG
2. Chiefs TD
3. NFC
4. 1
5. KC


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