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Chris Christie accuses Jared Kushner of orchestrating a political 'hit job' against him, says Trump is surrounded by "amateurs, grifters, weaklings, convicted, and unconvicted felons"

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Christie blames this key player in the president’s inner circle for his ignominious dismissal shortly after Trump’s election victory in November 2016. Christie, the former governor of New Jersey, writes that Kushner’s role in his sacking was confirmed to him by Steve Bannon, Trump’s campaign chief, in real time.

As Bannon was carrying out the firing, at Trump Tower in New York, Christie forced him to tell him who was really behind the dismissal by threatening to go to the media and point the finger at Bannon instead.


“Steve Bannon … made clear to me that one person and one person only was responsible for the faceless execution that Steve was now attempting to carry out. Jared Kushner, still apparently seething over events that had occurred a decade ago.”


The political assassination was carried out by Kushner as a personal vendetta, Christie writes, that had its roots in his prosecution, as a then federal attorney, of Charles Kushner in 2005. The real estate tycoon was charged with witness tampering and tax evasion and served more than a year in federal prison.





Axios reports the 2016 GOP primary-rival-turned-supporter says in a new book Trump shouldn’t trust some of those people closest to him. Christie, who served for a time as Trump's transition chairman in 2016 before being dumped from the position, calls the Trump insiders a "revolving door of deeply flawed individuals — amateurs, grifters, weaklings, convicted, and unconvicted felons — who were hustled into jobs they were never suited for, sometimes seemingly without so much as a background check via Google or Wikipedia."


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Just now, Jason said:

Fat boy just pissed off he didn't get a job after selling his soul.





I don't have any particular liking for Christie, but considering what he did for Trump, his qualifications, who they hired instead, and why they didn't hire him I think Christie has a pretty legitimate reason to be pissed.

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