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Racist Steve King (R-IA) loses committee seats after years of being a racist

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This comes after King's recent interview that appeared to lament that the term "white supremacist" is considered offensive.



McCarthy announced that the House Republican Steering Committee -- which oversees committee assignments -- met Monday night and made a decision that King "will not be serving on committees in this Congress."

The move is just the latest reaction to King's comments, which have outraged both sides of the aisle, and spurred calls for more actions against the conservative Iowa congressman, who has a lengthy history of incendiary comments related to race and immigration. Earlier Monday, a pair of the Senate's most high-profile Republicans sharply condemned King, the highest ranking GOP officials to publicly rebuke King after comments he made to The New York Times that were sympathetic to white supremacists.

King criticized his party's move stripping of his committee assignments in a statement, saying, "Leader McCarthy's decision to remove me from committees is a political decision that ignores the truth."


He's said this shit for years, but better late that never, I guess.

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2 hours ago, thewhyteboar said:



The false equivalency game is always fun, let's play!


D's meeting with a racist is bad, and should be shamed, but removal? Not per se, depending on the context and situation of the association with the known racist.


An R themselves being racist, as opposed to just meeting with people who are known racists? Yep, that's different and requires removal.


But hey, people are stupid / don't understand false equivalencies. 

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The House of Representatives on Tuesday approved a resolution condemning white supremacy by a vote of 424-1, reflecting the anger in both parties over comments by Representative Steve King of Iowa questioning why white supremacy is considered offensive.



Mr. King, a Republican, took the House floor to say he would vote in support of the resolution.


Representative Bobby Rush of Illinois cast the lone vote against the resolution, saying it was not strong enough and that “anything short of a censure” is shallow.


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