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AccuWeather says it has created its own hurricane scale, but why?

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I think there is a good case for ratings based on more than specifics about wind speed and storm surge. Even in the case of something like Harvey, where it was a Cat 3 at landfall, and therefore a "major" hurricane, it wasn't so much the wind speed that caused most of the problems. Still, I think having competing systems in place, on the same scale of 1-5, is going to lead to more confusion than anything. If accuweather calls the next great storm a 4-5 and NOAA calls it a 2, I can imagine that would cause problems.


So while I think it's terrible that someone like Santorum would try and limit the National Weather Service's ability to share data, and I'm no fan of websites deciding on their own names, titles, and classifications for storms, it does seem like something in the system needs to change to properly prepare the public.


Maybe the best course of action is for NOAA to separate the meteorological classification from the practical. Meteorologists obviously have a need for collecting specific data and making that data easily comparable. Things like peak wind speed are useful in a scientific context, but perhaps not the data that need to be emphasized to the public.

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20 hours ago, SaysWho? said:


AccuWeather sucks and they want to reign supreme and be the main avenue for weather. They don't like the NWS because it's a helpful service that the public has, and AccuWeather wants to be the service.




It pulls NWS in the US, and Dark Sky abroad.

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