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Canada vs Saudi Arabia: The Beef of the 21st Century

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Canada and KSA are really starting to beef heavily. First KSA cut diplomatic ties with Canada over the Canadian government's tweet about human rights in Saudi Arabia. Then, a teenage Saudi girl pleaded for asylum in Thailand, where the Canadian government took her in and flew her to Canada after she faced potential execution back home. 


Now, a Saudi national accused of sexual assault in Canada has disappeared and fled the country with the alleged help of the Saudi embassy: https://www.resetera.com/threads/canada-saudi-accused-of-sexual-assault-disappears-before-trial-authorities-fear-may-have-left-the-country-with-help-from-the-saudi-embassy.93168/



Local police told the Chronicle Herald that al-Zoabi's passport was given as collateral when the 28-year-old student posted his $37,500 bail in cash, a hefty sum provided by the Saudi Arabian embassy.


"It should be impossible (for him to leave the country or enter without a passport) unless Saudi Arabia furnished him with a Saudi travel document," Lee Cohen, a Halifax-based immigration lawyer, told the Chronicle Herald.


"They have done this before."


Asked by the paper whether he was still in Canada, al-Zoabi said "probably not … I can't tell you that", adding that he wouldn't come back for the trial because he feared they might be "unfair".


"I can't respect that," he said of the warrant and charges. "Everybody's against me just because I'm a (racial expletive) and foreign student despite the fact that we boosted so much money to that island of Canada."



Between March 2012 and April 2016, al-Zoabi racked up 34 infractions ranging from speeding, driving uninsured, driving without a valid license, unregistered and uninspected vehicles. Unpaid to this day, the fines amount to $68,967.


News of al-Zoabi's suspected escape will only serve to further exacerbate Canada's already poor relations with Saudi Arabia, which last year barred the Canadian ambassador to Riyadh after Ottawa criticised Saudi authorities for detaining female activists.


If I were a Canadian, I would stay far away from Saudi Arabia. I suppose that Canada has the luxury of telling the KSA to go fuck themselves, being a large oil producer itself.

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