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Saturday, January 12
11.vresize.200.200.medium.0.png Indianpolis Colts (10-6)   4:35pm ET
12.vresize.200.200.medium.0.png Kansas City Chiefs (12-4)
6.vresize.200.200.medium.0.png Dallas Cowboys (10-6)   8:15pm ET
14.vresize.200.200.medium.3.png Los Angeles Rams (13-3)
Sunday, January 13
24.vresize.200.200.medium.0.png Los Angeles Chargers (12-4)   1:05pm ET
17.vresize.200.200.medium.0.png New England Patriots (11-5)
21.vresize.200.200.medium.0.png Philadelphia Eagles (9-7) 4:40pm ET
18.vresize.200.200.medium.3.png New Orleans Saints(13-3)
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I thought I was going to be done with the season after the Bears were eliminated but these 4 games are true gems that I think we will see.


Thinking about the Bears, would you believe I had end zone seats that was facing the end zone at the end of the game so I saw the failed FG in all its entirety.

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Whichever team wins between K.C. & Indy I want to go all the way! Mahomes has been superb all season and it's been a pleasure watching so many of his games, true freaking talent. As for the Colts, I wrote them off and then they just came on hot and heavy in the final 1/3 of the season and nobody could do a damn thing to stop them! Going to be a hell of a great game!

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So much for the "best weekend in football."


In the case of the Chargers, I'm willing to put that one down to being dramatically out coached. Their game plan for Brady was terrible, and they deserved to lose based on that alone.


Hopefully the next round will deliver the fireworks everyone is expecting.

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