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This Is Battlefield - A cinematic short film using random pvp matches


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There is something super funny about the voice just rephrasing tired platitudes really epically for like ten minutes. For your pleasure, I have transcribed this wonderful poem.


My father used to tell me stories when I was a child

about the giants of old who gazed at the earth, disappointed in the wars of men.

Agony had filled their hearts

bringing with it fire

and ash.

Smoke blocked out the sun

robbing all of its warmth.

Destruction laid waste to lands once filled with laughter.

In the end, the giants stepped in to put a stop to the death.


Their judgment was swift

and absolute.

I wish we had someone to do the same to us.

But when faced with evil

the good must prevail.

Fighting for those next to us

to protect those behind us

and forging our bonds in the fires of hell

and as the bodies grow in number

so will our perseverance.

This is who we are.


Those that fight in the dark

in the mud

in the deep

to save those in the light

to face the titans

the demons

the perilous

to stretch across distant lands

for it is our duty

our honor

and our sworn mission

to defend the ideals we believe in

because once we drop our swords

things will forever be changed.





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