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PC Alienware's upgradable laptop

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3 minutes ago, Remarkableriots said:

@Mr.Vic20 Are you getting one?

FORK no!


That thing may be "upgrade-able" but the reality is that its still going to be a big PITA to swap parts and honestly, why? I'm happy playing games on the go with my Win GPD2 and I expect the Win GPD3 to be even better. 

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3 hours ago, Dre801 said:

2549.99 base config. . .you have to pay at least 80 more bucks to get an SSD.


I'd probably get a 1TB max. Then get another down the line. Probably the 2080 or 2080 Ti not sure about the processor. 


Though I will probably wait for their black froday or cyber monday deals. I plan to travel more this year. It's also nice having a PC I can go to a friend's house and game on.

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