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Bungie done with their Activision overlords


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6 minutes ago, skillzdadirecta said:

Wasn't the Activision deal only 10 years?


This. I even made a comment about this back on IGN I think(maybe BC?). Something like it will be 10 years before I buy a bungie game. 


I'd love it if Halo became good again. 

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4 minutes ago, SaysWho? said:


343's existence revolves around Halo. Buying Bungie back to replace 343 seems like a weird strategy.

I know it won't happen. I'd just love it if Halo was good again and I don't see that happening with 343. 


1 minute ago, skillzdadirecta said:

Bungie did Reach and ODST too right?

I think so. 

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My theory is that because of the continued financial underperformance of Destiny 2 and other factors, Activision was on the verge of invoking some of the more draconian clauses of its contract with Bungie, including assuming actual ownership stakes.  At that point, Bungie decided to buy-out the contract which means they probably obtained external financing to the tune of a few hundreds of millions.

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1 hour ago, SFLUFAN said:

Based on what we know from Schreier's book, Bungie's project management "skills" absent the oversight/discipline of a major publishing partner will truly be something to behold.

On sale for $3. If you haven’t read this great book, you should 


Buy it!

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While Bungie did a lot of things right in the Halo series, the games also got progressively worse in a lot of ways.


Let’s not forget that advanced movement started with Reach and so did loadouts. Also it’s not like Destiny’s story telling is any better than Halo’s at this point, nor is their enemy AI. 

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