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Malcolm Gladwell -- former tobacco/pharma industry shill and author of several incredibly banal books -- wants you to know that marijuana may not be as safe as you think it is

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As a user I found many things odd and not truthful, but I have grown to expect it. They also don’t determine what kind of marijuana people are smoking like an Indica, Hybrid or a Sativa. I know a few that smoke it for medical reasons and is the only thing that has worked for them. I was stuck at my workplace in the office with my wrist injury and one of the workers suffers from Crohn’s disease. He said they kept changing his meds to help him, but all they did was make things either worse or did nothing at all. Took a friends advice and tried vaping some high CBD weed and has been for the most part completely fine since. I’m not saying it’s a miracle drug but there are some huge health benefits that are out there for people. Helps a good deal with my insomnia and my wrist pain (which after 3 years is finally being fixed by surgery next week) Helps my mom with her shoulder and leg pain (needs a full knee replacement) Glad to see my country make it legal and it’s just a matter of time before I think more states/countries legalize it too. 

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The worst part about this article and his NYT Op Ed is he cites the National Academy of Sciences 2017 report, acts like we don’t know a thing about cannabis, then goes on to say that it is causing a silent epidemic of violence and mental illness. This is a hypothesis on sketchy correlations at best. The report never made any such conclusions. In fact, he stretched the report further than I’ve ever seen and failed to mention the medical benefits the report found for certain conditions (even without standardized dosing) or that moderate evidence now indicates there is no association between smoking marijuana and cancers of the lung, head, mouth, or neck, the same cancers that tobacco smoking causes. 


Also someone might want to let him know that tobacco and alcohol also have evidence that they cause mental illness. 

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