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Anyone want COD War Chest or Civ IV Gold?


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My brother in law gave me physical copies of some old games that a friend of his gave him. Call of Duty War Chest (COD 1 + expansion & COD 2) and Civilization IV Gold. I have no interest in COD and just got Civ IV during Black Friday. The keys should be good for redeeming for digital copies. The box for COD wasn't sealed but the jewel case inside was sealed (there were 2 other discs in paper sleeves). He also gave me Age of Empires III Gold but I'm probably going to keep it since I might play it.

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2 hours ago, dualhunter said:

I opened up the box for Civ 4 and there is no cd key. Apparently it didn't come with one back in the day.


@HardAct do you still have AoE 3? I checked and it does have a key inside so I could give it to you.


Civ V was the first one to always come via Steam. I had Civ IV on disc and then had to rebuy it on Steam...I don't think it was on Steam at all when the base game first came out. 

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