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The Biggest Box Office Bombs of 2018

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Mortal Engines was a surefire bomb as soon as the first trailers released, regardless of the quality of the film.


Annihilation is another movie that was always going to be a hard sell.


The sad thing about most of these to me is that they're very much the kinds of movies that aren't getting made. These middle budget (~$15M < ~$50M) films are apparently some of the hardest to get made for exactly the reasons reflected in this list. They end up in this middle ground where they don't have the marketing budget to compete with the big blockbusters, and the little attention they're able to get isn't enough to justify their production. Sure, sometimes you can strike it big with something like A Star Is Born, Bohemian Rhapsody, or Crazy Rich Asians, but oddly enough once your budget goes past ~$100M, your risk goes down significantly.

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1 hour ago, johnny said:

Is it simply rated? 


I saw Annihilation in the theaters right after it came out, and as a big fan of Alex Garland, I had high expectations of the movie.  I thought it was good but I didn't really enjoy it as much as I had hoped.  However, I thought about the ideas in the movie quite a bit afterwards and over time appreciated more and more what it is trying to do.  The bear scene is one of the most terrifyingly disturbing scenes I've ever seen.  So yeah, I'm also disappointed at how poorly it did and a lot of the hate it got.  I certainly want more studios/directors taking chances and making movies like this, but in the age of sequels and super heroes, it seems less and less likely.

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33 minutes ago, skillzdadirecta said:

Those Ads were everywhere... I wanted to see it but never got around to it.


Also not a bomb but classic NBA move to advertise a movie during the NBA finals and the movie comes out in September (actually closer to October). This movie was Night School. I saw an ad for it and then was like wait this doesn't come out till forever from now! :p

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