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Forgive me for asking. What happened to D1P?


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Been a while since I came in, I joined back in 2010. I just decided to browse it around and can not discern what forums are what anymore? No PC forum? Handlheld? Just a big giant NEOGAF deal? Weird ass names as well. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe it works great. Just seeing what the heck happened. 

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There was an issue where we lost all previous data and the forums got kinda rebooted at that point. There isn’t enough traffic to really need separate areas, instead we use tags now which if you want you can use to only see one platforms discussion.


Edit: There is still a pc forum tho

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Yeah the boards and backups failed. We had to start up and they chosethis as a chance to consolidate. I know some classic threads lost forever but new ones are taking their place. As for the name you can thank SLUFAN and some others in disscusion for that. I can say it grows on you. Also other good news is the Retro board is still in here. Also the timing of this was its worst during E3. Good news is we are still here.

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