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Bought a 3DS XL today and


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4 hours ago, CastlevaniaNut18 said:

A Link Between Worlds

Mario 3D Land

Fire Emblem Awakening

Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon

Animal Crossing New Leaf


It's hard to narrow it down to five. There's so many amazing games for the system. 


Add 5 more! I'm completely new to the system. 

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Good man, now join the 3ds thread for the few of us that remain.


not my top 5 but a must play

Zelda a link between worlds

animal crossing new leaf

metroid samus returns

dragon quest 7

Luigi Mansion 2


super Mario 3D land is also worth a play (but really I felt 3D world on Wii U was better)



Also what model and color/design did you end up with for your 3ds?

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1 hour ago, best3444 said:


Add 5 more! I'm completely new to the system. 

If we really went in depth there is tons of games to recommend. It might be better if you told us what type of games you like and we can go from there. Just to explain the size of the 3ds library, i’ve got almost 120 titles and yet i’m still missing a lot of popular titles.

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The Ace Attorney Trilogy is a great value for the price offered. If you like that you can get 4 to 6 separately. Poochy & Yoshi's Woolly World and Mario Maker should give you a lot of platforming goodness. I believe Luigi's Mansion 1 is also available now and would be worth playing if you haven't before.

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7 hours ago, best3444 said:

 Zelda a link between worlds and metroid samus returns seem interesting. I like action adventure type games like Zelda. I like platformers like Mario. 


I never played Majora mask ever. How did that turn out. 

Then do get Majora mask but also consider ever oasis which is an original title from the team that did the OOT & MM remasters for 3ds. Also look into resident evil revelations.


On the platformer front, get Kirby planet robobot. Sure it’s not difficult but it’s very charming and full of content.

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I'm coming to the conclusion that I need to actually play Samus Returns and buy Luigi's Mansion from this thread.

My 3DS has been neglected for a very long time.


I can also recommend

A Link Between Worlds

Cave Story


I know you can buy cave story on PC, Switch, but its good no matter where you play it. I also like the 3D remake though some people dislike the art style they changed it to.

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On 12/23/2018 at 9:21 AM, best3444 said:


Add 5 more! I'm completely new to the system. 

Wow! How did that happen? And what made you get one now (7+ years after it has been out)? ....not that I can talk, I'm the guy that still doesn't own a PS4 or XB1. :p


In any case, as you can tell from this thread, you can pretty much pick up any first-party game from Nintendo and have something great to play. Sometimes people buy Nintendo hardware to be able to play Nintendo's software, almost exclusively. Which is....fine. I guess? I mean, it is. Nintendo makes a lot of great stuff that will appeal to many people. But like? Man...you'd be missing out on a LOT if you ignore third party stuff. 


Anyway, here are some of my recommendations, based off of your posted interests of action/adventure and platformers. I'm purposely not mentioning first party stuff, since you can grab any Mario, Metroid, Zelda, Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Kirby, Fire Emblem, WarioWare, etc. game with little to no worries. 


Though I will put a spotlight on one in particular: Kid Icarus Uprising. It's got a unique control scheme that I won't lie about: it takes a little bit to get used to. But once you get over that (small, IMO) hurdle? Oh man. That game is amazing, packed to the gills with content, and goes in a direction NO ONE saw coming. Awesome, awesome game. One of my favorites of the past/current generation. Highly recommended.


Without further ado, my suggestions: 



Monster Hunter 4 ULTIMATE

Final Fantasy Explorers

Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

Sonic Generations (this version is unique to the 3DS)


Also, some of the download-only games are worth a look, and I can put out some recommendations for those if you like. I want to point out a couple of unique NES games that are downloadable, too. Namely, these:


Summer Carnival '92 RECCA - a tough-as-nails 2D SHMUP that was previously only released in Japan. The only (uh, legal) way to own it here in the West is the 3DS version. 


The Mysterious Murasame Castle - a top-down action game from Nintendo themselves. It's built off of the original Legend of Zelda engine (so I've been told, anyway), so it *kinda* plays like that. But it is its own unique game. Again, it was another Japan-only game that was only recently localized for the West, and again, ONLY available on 3DS Virtual Console.  


Check 'em both out. 



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12 hours ago, best3444 said:

After I beat OOT and Super Mario 3D Land I'm buying:


A Link Between Worlds

Metroid: Samus Returns

Fine choices! You'll likely enjoy them. 


It's worth mentioning to not forget that the 3DS is 100% backwards compatible with the original DS. If you still own games from that system, you can play them on 3DS as well. Or if you've somehow missed out entirely on DS, there is a TON of stuff to catch up on! :D 

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