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Crackdown 3: New Single-Player Gameplay Footage and Details


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11 minutes ago, skillzdadirecta said:

Looks fun to me... should have shown off some of the destruction.

Yeah... what they are not showing is really what worries me about this being any good.


The game is obviously not going to blow anyone away with it's graphics.  The only hope is that the gameplay is super tight and a ton of fun to play.  However I think if MS thought they had a hit on their hands there would be a lot more marketing going on for it right now to get people hyped.  

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The destruction is really just a Multiplayer Arena PvP mode.  I dont think the single player has any really.


I mean it looks like more Crackdown, but in 2018, is that really enough, when you compare it to what Spiderman just showed off graphically and gameplay wise.


What made the original Crackdown so amazing to me was 1 - Co-op, and 2 - The feeling of progression and the ability to jump around and traverse the city like a Super Hero.  At the time, I dont really remember too many games that executed that well.  GTA was out, but it was a realistic game.  The feeling of getting more and more powerful and agile and collecting orbs was addictive and fun.  


With so many games that have done the Superhero thing so well, with so many games allowing you to do fun things in these open sandbox worlds, I'm not sure Crackdown will have the same appeal.  Customization is one thing that I think could help make it more fun, cause as your character progressed so did their appearance.


I'll still defintely check it out, and with 4 player co-op it still should offer a good time, but am I hyped for it.... meh.

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