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Trump ‘at this moment’ opposes deal to avert shutdown, wants more border funding

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34 minutes ago, Jason said:

Our Big Boy in Chief looks pissed he's having his vacation time cut into and is apparently making up for it by hoarding all the dinner menus.



Is it me or is that page blank? Like there is no color noise over the page which leads me to assume it’s blank.

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7 minutes ago, PaladinSolo said:

If this meeting isn't basically the GOP telling him to let it go its a completely pointless one without a single democrat in the room, only Graham on that list i can see doing that though, lol.





It is a testament to how fucking insane and dangerous it is to have Trump in the White House that we rarely stop and think nowadays how insane and dangerous it is that Meadows, Jordan, and the Kooky Caucus have so much power.

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1 hour ago, PaladinSolo said:

Senate adjourned till thursday, shut er down folks.


Also we apparently have a chance to crush the conservative movement!




46 minutes ago, b_m_b_m_b_m said:

Schumer will give 2 billion out of civility






I think the shutdown will go until sometime after the Dems take over the House.


The Dems think it will give them more power at the negotiating table, and most seem to agree. What is a less popular opinion is the one Trump is going on, I think. He thinks his position will improve once he has the House Dems in power and he has something solid to hit back at and blame.


Trump is at his best when he is counter punching and muddying the water to make everyone look as bad as him. I think the effectiveness of this strategy is dependent on about 25% how the Dems message, and 75% how much they do or do not get spooked and throw in the towel.

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1 minute ago, CitizenVectron said:

The thing is, Trump has already been blaming the Democrats, and his base already believed him. The Democrats having actual power won't change any of that.



Yeah, but the simple, and powerful, retort is always that Republicans control the whole government and can't even pass a budget.


That answer will be gone when Dems control the House. Some will frame it as both sides needing to work together to keep the trains running on time. And some of the public will be swayed by that. There's a good chance that even "liberal" MSM outlets will start parroting this line because they can't help but revert to the "both sides"ism whenever they can to try in vain to convince the right of their impartiality.


I think Dems still hold a strong position, but like I said they need to message right and not get spooked. And don't underestimate Trump's ability to get ahead by making everyone look bad.


One area where I think people are probably underestimating Trump is on how he has(or thinks he has) done that thing where he has spotted a weakness in our system where everyone says "You can't just do that!!" and Trump is ready to do that very thing and see if it's really so bad. 


It's two years before the next election. Are voters really going to cast a ballot in 2020 based on this shutdown? So why not shut it down? Make the Dems look bad, and the voters most likely to care about this shutdown in 2020 are his base voters who are sticking by him because he had the balls to shut it down.

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