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The Rubick Arcana is Out Now!


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Arcana Includes
When equipped, this item grants the following custom upgrades to Rubick:

- A style progression system that features custom effects for 115 stolen abilities -
- Custom dynamic color effects on the cape that change depending on stolen spells -
- A complete set of all-new animations, including cast animations, death animations, run animations, unique stolen spell animations, and more -
- New base model, texture, and custom animated pedestal -
- New effect and sound for Spell Steal -
- Support for dynamic color effects on the Crux of Perplex Immortal Item -
- Custom ground effect for players who complete the style progression -
- Remastered Voice -
- Custom Hero Portrait, Minimap Icon, and Stolen Spell Icon Border Effect -
- Custom Emoticon -
- EXALTED item Quality on all purchases made before January 21, 2019 -


Check the page for all the stolen spell effects



Supernova looks pretty cool


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