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Steam Winter Sale 2018


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I want Rise of the Tomb Raider for cheap.  With Shadow being out, I'm hoping that will hit bargain bin.  Same goes for Life is Strange: Before the Storm.

There's a number of indies I want too, but I'll probably wait for bundles for most unless the price cuts are dramatic.  Inside is at the top of my list.

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58 minutes ago, elbobo said:

I have about 30 games on my wishlist. I usually end up picking up about 5 or so per winter sale and one or two random other ones that look interesting. 

I typically wishlist anything that looks remotely interesting, but managed to cut it to 70 or so I'm eying this sale.  I'll be doing the same as you, only pick up a half dozen or so.





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11 minutes ago, Jason said:

So does Steam still do deeper discounts on certain games throughout a sale, or is the initial discount all you'll see for the course of the sale? 

What we see is what we get. I ended up buying nothing. That Koei jrpg Altier something isnt on sale and the CRPGs I want to start out with are cheaper on Fanatical. Got Pillars of Eternity, Tyranny, and Yakuza 0 for like 45 dollars. 


Might buy Divinity Original Sin from steam they have the best price.

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