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Aladdin 2019


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4 hours ago, johnny said:

Yeah but they’re ‘fresh’. What are your goalposts? 70? 80? 90%?


80-ish percentile and up. The majority of Will Smith movies of the past decade are in the “poor” to “mediocre” range. 68 is a D.


7 hours ago, Mercury33 said:

Unarguably good? That’s not even a thing. 


“Unarguably” is obvious hyperbole. 


Will Smith hasn’t signed on to a truly good and rememberable movie in a ridiculous amount of time afaik. He makes mediocre to average slog-fests and nothing else. It’d be nice if this breaks his trend, though.

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2 hours ago, sblfilms said:

Will Smith never made good movies.


MIB 1 is legitimately a good movie. But yeah I agree with your point in relation to this discussion. If we’re measuring Will Smiths success by 80% on RT? That doesn’t make sense because the movies he was making when he was “king of the 4th of July weekend” weren’t really rated any higher or lower than the movies he’s making now. They just happened to be bigger financial success’

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