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No Roma thread?


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I was going to start one, but I haven't typed up my thoughts yet. I'll quickly say that it's certainly worth watching, and don't be fooled by the black and white, it's one of the most technically impressive movies of the year. I mean that both in terms of the filmmaking itself, and the presentation. If you pay Netflix those extra dollars for 4K HDR and Atmos, this film puts both to good use.


They even put together a guide for how to adjust your TV to get it looking its best. Short version is: turn everything off.

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I thought about going to see it at the one theater in town that's showing it, but it's a smaller local place that doesn't have particularly amazing equipment, so I didn't feel like it would be that much of an improvement. 


I don't really have much to say about Roma, other than when I was watching it, the phrase that was playing on a loop in my head was "everything about this is beautiful".

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