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Facebook gave Netflix and Spotify [and Russian search engine Yandex] access to users' private info and messages

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On 12/19/2018 at 7:13 AM, 2user1cup said:

A serious competitor

Like those upstarts at Instagram or the privacy minded folks over at WhatsApp?


I think it's clear to everyone that the FTC blew it when they let Facebook buy Instagram and WhatsApp, but I also think that if Facebook wanted to buy Snapchat or Twitter tomorrow, it would go through without a hitch.


I agree with the twitter thread @CayceG posted. At this point some of these companies are too big to expect a competitor to seriously challenge them, and when there is one, they simply get absorbed. Maybe a new privacy focused competitor will kill off Facebook, but in the meantime Facebook still has too much influence and too much personal data to just let them do whatever they want with it consequence free. There needs to be a more serious repercussion to lying about data security than a bad write up in the Times.

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Google+ probably could have killed off Facebook if they hadn't made the idiotic decision to keep it invite-only for 2 entire weeks. By the time they opened it up, everyone who wasn't a techie had lost interest because they'd come to assume they were just never getting in. IIRC Google+ came out while people were still mad about shit like Facebook making all photos public with no warning, and it had the Google hype factor, so there was definitely enough of a widespread appetite to jump ship from Facebook that they could have gotten a critical mass of users if they'd have just let people in.

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