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BO Report: Into the Spider-Verse Has Spectacular $35 million opening, largest December animated opening


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Finishing at #1, Sony Animation's Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse brought in an estimated $35.4 million for what is the largest three-day animated opening of all-time in the month of December. Previously, Universal and Illumination's Sing held that record with its $35.2 million opening. However, that debut does come with the caveat that it was part of a five-day opening that totaled $55.8 million back in December 2016. That being said, this is a great start for the production which should enjoy excellent play throughout the holiday season and beyond. The film received almost universally positive reviews heading into the weekend and earned a coveted "A+" CinemaScore from opening day audiences. Opening weekend crowds were largely male at 63% with 41% of the audience coming in aged 25 or older.


I don't expect huge drops through the holidays since tons of people go to the movies, so expect this less expensive animated movie to make a nice profit, especially if it has legs even further due to word-of-mouth.

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I'm glad to see Spider-Verse do well. This is the kind of movie that Sony needs to make money on, not Venom. I hope Aquaman doesn't crush it. Spider-Verse is so unique and wonderful, it deserves to leg it out over the holidays.


I can't speak to it's quality, but I think everyone predicted that Mortal Engines would crash and burn. I feel bad that Peter Jackson got $100M to make it. It's amazing how poorly he seems to do once he steps away from Tolkien.


2 hours ago, sexy_shapiro said:

Is this movie better to see in 3D?

I saw it that way and I'd recommend it.

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