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9 hours ago, Xbob42 said:

This looks like a mobile game farce, what are you guys expecting out of this?


It's a indie game compilation. I'm actually more interested in what Grasshopper did with Dennaton Games. I guess Suda51 was a huge fan of Hotline Miami and that's what led to this No More Heroes spinoff. This is not, by any means, No More Heroes 3 or even No More Heroes 2.5.

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So I'm about half-way through the game.  It's fun.  It's not winning any awards or anything, but it's fun and at the end of the day that's all that matters to me.  It's stylized front to back how you'd expect a NMH game to be.  More than anything it makes me wish that something comes from this and they rerelease NMH 1 & 2 for Switch.  My kids were too young the first time around, but now they'd love 'em.


While the trailers made Travis Strikes Back seem like a mini-game compilation, that's not really the case.  You have a video game system, the Death Drive MkII, that pulls your consciousness into the game you're playing.  Each level of Travis Strikes Back is another title ("Death Ball") that you've acquired for the DDMkII.  You need to beat them all because reasons (Bad Girl's dad wants revenge on Travis but is working with him and there's a mystery assassin guy too but let's play video games first because I don't know it's a Suda game..). 


Each "game" is thematically different from the others (an action game, a mystery game, an RPG, etc.), but underneath the intro and level design they are all the same, Gauntlet-style gameplay (albeit with fewer enemies, generally).  It's an overhead hack'n'slash.  Think Gauntlet with cool abilities and challenging end-bosses to each level and you're getting there.  And the endbosses are, so far, all pretty fun and the kind of head-cases you expect from No More Heroes bosses.  After you beat each title you can trigger a text-based story sequence where you acquire the next game for the DDMkII.  Acquire and beat all the games and you..beat..the game. o_0


It's goofy, it's engaging, and it makes you want to keep going to see what's next.  The hack-n-slash can get tedious when there are long sequences with no breaks, but the payoff is usually worth it.  It's a hard game to recommend because it's not really designed for anyone.  No More Heroes trappings, Suda51 "storytelling", and Gauntlet-style gameplay.  If that sounds fun to you (it is to me) then there are worse ways to spend $30.

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