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Ellen is considering ending The Ellen DeGeneres Show


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She reportedly almost didn’t renew her current contract, which keeps her on air until the summer of 2020. After that, though, it’s anybody’s guess where she goes. Stand-up is definitely an option, but that likely depends on how fans receive her upcoming Netflix comedy special, Relatable, her first in 15 years. In the interview, Ellen teases that it smudges her squeaky clean image somewhat.


“I wanted to show all of me,” she said of the special. “The talk show is me, but I’m also playing a character of a talk-show host. There’s a tiny, tiny bit of difference.”


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I don't watch her show or really think she is that funny.


That being said she may regret it if she quits doing it.  Not many people are that successful for that long making that much money.  She could probably keep that train running until she was old and grey if she wanted to.  However if she stops doing it - there is no guarantee that she could successfully start it again.  


She probably does not "need" more money at this point.  But the show also keeps her relevant in Hollywood.  I'm not sure she has a path to stay relevant outside of that show.

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Creative people get bored doing the same thing over and over, so I’m not surprised she is contemplating moving on from the talk show. Money matters, but it isn’t everything. I also feel like she could keep doing some of the things she does on the show as a YouTube or Facebook series without the same amount of hours devoted to it.


I’ve never actually seen the show on TV, just clips on social media. I wouldn’t be surprised if that already represents a significant portion of the viewership she gets.

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