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Watch me on MTV Singled Out and also insult vegans like Johnny


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I have so many questions and concerns at once...


1. Did I just time travel or did some sadist revive this show?

2. Did this end in a massive, sloppy, studio-wide, raw-doggin' gang bang? 

3. If 'no' to #3, did you shame-fap? 

4. How did this happen? 

5. You're looking sharp.

6. Congratulations for making that happen despite my personal abject horror. 


My best friend was on People's Court once, that's about it. 

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51 minutes ago, brazil201 said:

1 Revival

3 no

4 back in august I decided I wanted to become famous and actually try, I worked at a talk show for 3 years as a producer so I was like why not, I went to an audition and I got a part in a movie, a legit speaking park, then I booked a commercial and another and another blah blah, I got a call from Viacom saying we want you on this show, Now I work at viacom on TRL, but also will be on various MTV shows,  with a certain show in development  that I can't talk about dam Network Contracts, but lets say it has a great name and its something with BRAZIL201.  Kind of going the Desus and Mero path for my stardom

Well shit, kudos for making it happen! Being from NYC, I know like 50 'actors' etc. that are currently working at Starbucks at 40 so I understand how difficult this is.


Good luck with your career and everything.

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