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Deadspin's Drew Magary appears to have been involved in a serious accident

Commissar SFLUFAN

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Some Twitter egg asked in a reply to the twitter announcement if he drove home drunk and had a wreck or something. 


This is said moron:




Seems like someone with a very dull axe to grind for whatever reason. No idea why.




EDIT: I post this not to say "I buy these explanations" but to point out that there are rumors out there that are completely baseless. 


My guess is a goofy kitchen/holiday light/combination of both accident that involved ladders, knives, and/or both.

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Some of the theories thrown around in the wake of Drew's first tweet thread said that since the thing happened to Drew off-site, the venue's insurance may have to pay out. Drew's work insurance might be on the hook if he admitted he was drunk when the situation happened. And so the employer doesn't want the liability, so they made him delete the tweets. 


And now...





It seems to me that if GMG's lawyers want to cover up the real situation. And they're getting Drew's wife to do it too. On Christmas day. 


I'm not sure if the conspiracy theory makes sense as to how insurance actually works, but this is 100% something GMG might do.

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I don't know the insurance/liability side of things. 


He was singing karaoke (so he'd have to be drunk) and his throat exploded. Maybe because of WHERE it happened, they had some liability? I have no idea. 



It could just be that if you admit to drinking, that could conceivably be some cause to what happened, and it could cause issues for an insurance payout. 

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