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Volkswagen will stop making gas-powered cars

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Volkswagen says last generation of combustion engines to be launched in 2026



VW made a strategy shift toward battery-driven vehicles in the wake of a damaging diesel-emissions cheating scandal in 2015, which forced the carmaker to pay billions of dollars in fines for hiding excessive pollution.


"In the year 2026 will be the last product start on a combustion engine platform," Michael Jost told the Handelsblatt automotive summit conference at Volkswagen's headquarters in Wolfsburg, Germany.


A spokesman confirmed Jost's remarks meant that VW, Europe and China's best selling passenger car brand, will focus on electric cars instead.


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Given how fuzzy the math is for MPGe, I'm sure they'll find new and innovative ways to cheat the system.


I don't really know how far in advance they plan out engines. If they expect the 2026 platform to be the last gas powered car, I doubt they would normally have started designing the generation following it already, so there is plenty of time for them to change their mind.


A lot of companies have announced expected end dates for gas powered vehicles, but I won't believe them until they actually kill off their old models or at least show off an entirely electric lineup. Right now the eGolf is pretty sad.

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2 hours ago, mclumber1 said:

I miss my 69 Beetle.  I think I'm going to buy another one around that model year and covert it to electric.  There are a quite a few good examples of conversions driving around that have ranges exceeding 100 miles on a charge - which is better than the Nissan Leaf.

Oh, I had a '67. They are extremely fun little cars, I miss that thing. 

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