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Will we get a Nintendo Direct in the next few weeks?


Next Nintendo Direct   

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  1. 1. When will the next Direct be?

    • Early/mid July
    • Late July / Early August
    • Mid/late August
    • Later
    • What's a Direct?

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I love Nintendo Directs, I think I am addicted to them!  I often watch them 2 or 3 times! 


We just had the E3 direct, which was OK, but because of the leaks there was little in the way of surprises.  Also there was a lot of stuff we were all expecting to see that wasn't shown. It was a bit disappointing.  So I am hungry for another Direct!


But is there anything to talk about that would make a Direct worth it?


Firstly, Panic Button talking about a major Switch port about to be revealed in the next few weeks, a Direct is the place to announce that.  


Secondly, we are less than 3 months from the paid online service.  We don't know what half the initial free games are, and how the multi player aspects have been added.  They need to sell people on this service, and they have not done much of this yet. 


That is already the backbone of a Direct.  Add in a couple of indies, a Smash character reveal, a Pokémon update, and a couple of trailers for fall games (NBA, FighterZ, etc.)  Job done. 


I recon we will get something at the end of July.  Thoughts? 


EDIT:  They could also do a spot on Starlink, and unveil the N64 mini that is rumored... 

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