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Is anyone else playing this game? Its a b-tier Dark souls clone with guns and melee weapons. It came out, in September I think. I picked it  up at 50% off on Steam.  Yes, its Jank. Yes, jank is NOT good in a game like Dark souls, and yet, I just keep playing it. It has the overt gravitas of a high school emo dude and is the art direction love child of Dead Space, mortal combat, and  of Course Dark souls. Its almost definitely cheesy? And yet I keep playing!


Its huge! Its cruel! Its at times unbalanced! Its grindy as all fuck, as weapons are tied to stats and the stat requirements are steep! I'm sure this encourages intentional build decisions, but I personally feel you need a well round arsenal to take on the games various baddies and bosses. Its as compelling as it is frustrating! So I keep playing! Why am I playing this?! :epilepsy:

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3 minutes ago, SFLUFAN said:

Did I back this on Kickstarter?  Was it on Kickstarter?  It looks like something that should've been on Kickstarter.


As to why you keep playing this, it's for the same reason why you kept playing Elex.


How does it compare to The Surge?

Not that I'm aware of, but I agree, this smells of Kickstarter for sure! Yes, it does have a similar feel to Elex, though Elex is a cake walk compared, which is appropriate given the genre its attempting to ape. I'd say its slightly less polished ( :lol:) then The surge, but has more content and of course has guns, which is unusual for a "souls-like" game. I think many will hate it, but if you stick with it it will drive you keep coming back. Somehow. some way. 

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