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Rumor - Wonder Woman: Circle of Light (ARPG for PC/PS4/XB1 from WB Montreal) to be revealed at TGAs

Commissar SFLUFAN

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WB Montreal was the developer of Batman: Arkham Origins


Wonder Woman: Circle of Light


Release date is October 8th, 2019. This date celebrates Wonder Woman’s first appearance.


Systems: PS4/Xbox1/PC


Game will be revealed at the Video Game Awards with an ingame cinematic trailer and will have an IGN exclusive gameplay reveal shortly after


The game takes place in modern times, at the peak of Wonder Woman’s heroic duties.


Two maps: Themyscira and Gateway City. The game is completely open world, with portals that transport you between the different worlds.


No loading screens. These are two “separate” maps in which you can travel to at any given time, and each has its own side missions and secrets.


The game is an Action RPG.


The story revolves around Wonder Woman attempting to stop Circe from being set free from Hades and breaking the Source Wall to rewrite history. The history of the Amazons and Circe have been slightly reworked in the narrative. Circe has a cult that is helping her achieve her goals, both in Gateway and Themyscria.


There is a multitude of villains/boss fights in this game, some of which aren’t directly tied to Wonder Woman. Here’s who he knows are villains based on trailer and gameplay reveal: Circe, Hercules, Doctor Poison, the Furies (guess), possibly Brother Blood (another guess) and Killer Frost (the boss fight teased in the gameplay reveal).

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