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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate review thread


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23 minutes ago, EternallDarkness said:

seems the timmy and tommy nook amiibo unlocks a secret 'spirit' shop whatever that is, but since my nephews don't have that one I jumped on amazon and ordered one right away because I am sure the prices will skyrocket, got it for only 5 bucks  :)  

Is that the old Animal Crossing one?

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6 hours ago, TheLeon said:

I feel like I should buy this because it’s a Smash Bros game, but I barely played the last one. I just don’t have a crew to play with any more.


Thats exactly the way I was feeling until I read about the 20 hour single player that is apparently very fun and addicting. 

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My initial impressions are that the single player mode is a long, padded, and similarly uninteresting mode to other smash bros single players. The online felt functional, but also pretty hollow in the way all Nintendo online games feel. I look forward to playing this game in the same room as other people. 

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I’m just hoping Smash Ultimate’s gameplay is a bit more open-ended than its predecessor.  Smash 4 was definitely an improvement on Brawl, but at the same time the physics and combos felt very pre-deterministic for a Smash game.  Ready for more variability and unpredictability again.

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