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Xmen and Deadpool are Coming to The MCU

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At Least the Russo Brothers Think So




“I’m sure of it,” Joe Russo said. “The acquisition of Fox is showing us where the future of the business is going to go.” Disney CEO Bob Iger has had a “historic” run over the past dozen years, he added. “We haven’t talked to him about when he is going to do it,” but enlarging the Marvel tent and cross-pollinating characters is a key aspect of the $71.3 billion deal.


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13 minutes ago, Remarkableriots said:

@skillzdadirecta They should keep Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool and recast everybody else! I would love it if Hugh Jackman returned as Wolverine one more time but that probably will not happen.


6 minutes ago, Mercury33 said:

I just need one movie with both Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman together. The n I don’t care. Just give me one. 


I'm sure Hugh Jackman would come back if he had the chance to play with the MCU guys... even if it was just for one movie.


19 minutes ago, RedSoxFan9 said:




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15 minutes ago, skillzdadirecta said:

Yes you do 

No I don’t. 


15 minutes ago, skillzdadirecta said:

you'll be there opening weekend like everybody else :p

What else am I going to do on a Friday night?


I knew RDR2 was going to have shit gameplay but I bought into it for the ride :p

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I have liked the Fox Mutant movies as a counterpoint to the big budget TV series feel of the MCU. I don’t want more MCU, we are already getting 3 MCU flicks a year!

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