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27 arrested in Durham NC surrounding ICE van after Agents lured illegal immigrant from Church's protection

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It didn’t last long. Two minutes later, they traded the singing for screaming.

“No! They’re arresting him!” one woman yelled.

The congregants and other supporters began banging on the glass windows and doors, yelling as they watched U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers in plainclothes tackle Oliver-Bruno and his son to the ground in the waiting room. The son wouldn’t let go as officers began dragging his dad toward a back door — and the dozens of gatherers followed, sprinting around the corner to meet the agents.

That marked the beginning of a nearly three-hour standoff with ICE, during which the congregants and other community members sought to physically block the arrest of Oliver-Bruno by surrounding a government van and refusing to move, singing “Amazing Grace” and chanting, “Let your people go!” The stakes for Oliver-Bruno, whose wife suffers from lupus, were too high to step away, May said.


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