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Sony is developing a new kind of game cartridge


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According to Techtastic, the patent filed in South Korea hints at an "electronic game cartridge." No further details are given, but the design does suggest a connection at the bottom of the device that could be used to communicate with a console. This would certainly be in keeping with gaming division John Kodera's comments from May, where he noted that "Rather than separating portable gaming from consoles, it's necessary to continue thinking of [portable gaming] as one method to deliver more gaming experiences."


It's possible, then, that the patent could be related to a future PlayStation console. Or it might not amount to anything. As Techtastic notes, Sony filed a patent in 2017 for a device that looked a lot like the Nintendo Switch, but nothing further has come of that -- so not all patents go on to become products.


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The ONLY thing that would be intriguing about this whole thing is that if they came out with a high capacity, INEXPENSIVE (lol) alternative to optical discs that had a fast enough read speed to not require installation. The question is, would the cartridges be writeable so as to save the patches and dlc on the cartridge itself to minimize the hard drive requirement?


I see the next generation consoles being without disk drives and containing SSD's. Lower power requirement/lower heat output could mean a smaller box.

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