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Manafort Breached Plea Deal by Repeatedly Lying, Mueller Says

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1 minute ago, SFLUFAN said:

Since when has the Imbecile given a damn about optics?


Besides, what's gonna happen?  And don't say "impeachment" because that ain't happening.


If there's anything I've learned, it's that ANYTHING can happen in the WWE... er... I mean the White House.

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5 minutes ago, SFLUFAN said:

Or he knows that he's gonna get pardoned.


The optics of pardoning Manafort would be horrible for Trump.  But then again, pretty much everything Trump does has horrible optics to a majority of voters. 


Also, I'm sure Mueller has considered the possibility that Trump will pardon Manafort.  In that case, it wouldn't be surprising if state prosecutors in Virginia, New York, or elsewhere have already been shared evidence against Manafort that could be prosecuted at the state level.

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He just can't stop commiting crimes.



after at least a dozen sessions interrogating him, the special counsel’s prosecutors have not only decided Mr. Manafort does not deserve leniency, but they also could seek to refile other charges that they had agreed to dismiss as part of the plea deal.


I guess a pardon is his only option, but I imagine he'll quickly be charged with state crimes as well.

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