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Fans of: Deadly Class/Rick Remender/Henry Rollins


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So for those of you in the know, Deadly Class is a hell of an amazing graphic series published by Image Comics and takes place in the mid-80's focusing on teenagers in school...a school for training assassins! It's a totally out there concept and the "clique-ish" behaviors are transcribed between Triads and Nazis and Yakuza as well as Gangsta's from the streets, it's trippy as all hell (sometimes LITERALLY) and written by Rick Remender.


Thing is, Deadly Class will be premiering on SyFy January 16th and Henry freaking Rollins is going to be the Poisons Professor which brings us to the point of this post:

If you're a fan of any of this or even perhaps just intrigued, then check out this hour long podcast discussing the show and book with these two giants of entertainment coming together!

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